9 Hottest Eliza Bennett Bikini Pics

Eliza Bennett Bikini

Movie and television star Eliza Bennett is making headlines again for her latest bikini photos, which have been causing quite a stir on social media. The actress, who is best known for her roles in films such as “Nanny McPhee” and “The Christmas Cottage,” has been seen looking stunning in a range of swimwear looks over recent months. In this article we will explore the reaction to Eliza’s newest holiday snaps, as well as take a closer look at some of her key style choices when it comes to beach fashion.

Eliza Bennett Bikini Pics

About Eliza Bennett

Eliza Bennett, the former child star known for her roles in Inkheart and Nanny McPhee, is now an adult actor starring on MTV’s Sweet/Vicious. She even has a music career where she sings and records songs! Eliza also had a part in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang — her first major acting experience. Her film credits include The Expelled and Perfect Life, as well as This Is Us. She has two older siblings, plus she starred alongside Wesley Snipes in the 2007 action flick The Contractor.