8 Latest Elissa Victoria Bikini Pics

Elissa Victoria Bikini

The internet was recently abuzz with talk of Elissa Victoria, a YouTube star known for her comedic videos and vlogs. Her fans were thrilled when she posted several new bikini photos to her social media accounts. In this article, we take a closer look at these sizzling shots and explore why they have created such an online sensation. We also share some of the feedback from Elissa’s dedicated followers and reveal what the future holds for the popular content creator.

Elissa Victoria Bikini Pics

About Elissa Victoria

Elissa Victoria is a social media star who’s become famous for her YouTube channel. She’s racked up over 45 million views for her videos showing off cars she’s customised and taken on drives. Elissa started her channel in 2013, and since then has gained more than 430k subscribers and 240k followers on Instagram. Based in Houston, TX, Elissa is one of many autovloggers creating content about their cars – like Jeremy Formato!