7 Top Elisandra Tomacheski Bikini Pics

Elisandra Tomacheski Bikini

Model Elisandra Tomacheski is trending on social media yet again, and this time it’s for her amazing bikini photos that are taking the internet by storm. The Brazilian beauty always knows how to turn heads with her stunning looks, but these recent pics have everyone in awe. From beachside poses to poolside snapshots, Elisandra certainly makes a statement every time she steps in front of the camera. In this article we’ll take a closer look at Elisandra’s latest bikini photos and discuss why they’re making such an impact online.

Elisandra Tomacheski Bikini Pics

About Elisandra Tomacheski

Elisandra Tomacheski is a Brazilian model who got her start back in 2005 when she was featured on the cover of Japan’s Sure magazine. From there, she went on to work with big-name brands like Izod and Island Company, as well as swimsuit company Elis. She grew up in Rio Grande do Sol with her family, and is one of many famous Brazilian models out there, alongside Lisalla Montenegro.