10 Hot New Elisabeth Sladen Bikini Pics

Elisabeth Sladen Bikini

Elisabeth Sladen, best known for her roles as Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and K-9 and Company, has recently been caught on camera showing off her toned body in a bikini. The pictures have caused a stir among fans of the actress who were never expecting to see their favorite star looking so fantastic. This article will explore how Elisabeth Sladen managed to keep herself in such great shape at her age and how she manages to maintain such an impressive physique.

Elisabeth Sladen Bikini Pics

About Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen was an actress best known for playing investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who. She had a guest appearance on Coronation Street, starred in the drama Walking to Babylon, and acted alongside David Tennant when he was the tenth doctor. Elisabeth was married to actor Brian Miller and they had a daughter called Sadie together.