9 Hottest New Elisa Donovan Bikini Pics

Elisa Donovan Bikini

Recently, Movie Actress Elisa Donovan has been enjoying the sun and sand in Miami with her husband, leading many fans to speculate whether new bikini photos from the vacation will be making their way to social media. And they were right! Donovan recently shared a few sizzling snaps of herself that have fans everywhere talking. From her toned physique to her stylish swimwear, this star is showing us why she still looks as gorgeous as ever even after all these years. Read on for more details about Elisa Donovan’s latest bikini photos!

Elisa Donovan Bikini Pics

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About Elisa Donovan

Elisa Donovan is probably best known for playing Amber in Clueless, both the movie and TV show. She also had a role in Wolves of Wall Street as Annabella Morris. Elisa (formerly Lisa) changed her name because there was already another actor named Lisa Donovan registered with the Screen Actors Guild. You may also recognize her from NSYNC’s music video I Drive Myself Crazy. In 2012, she married Charlie Bigelow and they welcomed their daughter Scarlett Avery Bigelow into their family later that year. Elisa was also onscreen alongside Alicia Silverstone in Clueless!