9 Latest Hot Elena Rybakina Bikini Pics

Elena Rybakina Bikini

Elena Rybakina is making waves in the tennis world with her impressive shots and wins. But it’s not just her tennis skills that have fans talking. Recently, she has been in the news due to some sizzling bikini photos taken during a holiday break from competing. In this article, we will look at Elena Rybakina’s latest bikini photos and explore how they can help to further her career as a professional athlete.

Elena Rybakina Bikini Pics

About Elena Rybakina

Elena Rybakina is a Russian-born Kazakhstani tennis star. She made history in 2021 when she reached the quarterfinals of the French Open without dropping a set, even beating out Serena Williams in the fourth round! In 2022, she achieved her highest ranking ever at Wimbledon. Before getting into tennis, Elena was all about gymnastics and ice skating. But when she was just six years old, her parents got her into tennis and now here we are! Adidas started sponsoring Elena for clothing and shoes back in 2020; before that Nike had been backing her. She has an older sister too. Her coach describes her as a right-handed Petra Kvitova – quite the compliment!