7 Hottest New Elena Kampouris Bikini Pics

Elena Kampouris Bikini

Actress Elena Kampouris is making a splash this summer with her latest bikini photos. The 25-year-old former “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” star showed off her toned physique in several must-see shots, which she posted to social media recently. From the beautiful beaches of Miami and San Diego to the sunsets of Santorini, Greece – it looks like Elena is having one heck of a summer! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of her killer beach looks, as well as get an exclusive peek into how she stays so fit and fabulous year round. So hold on tight – it’s going to be one wild ride!

Elena Kampouris Bikini Pics

About Elena Kampouris

Elena Kampouris is an actress most known for her roles in the Jason Reitman movies Labor Day and Men, Women & Children. She first appeared as a guest star on Gossip Girl in 2012, then got her first movie role with Jinxed in 2013. Since then she’s had roles like Alexia in The Cobbler starring Adam Sandler and Maya Drucker in Odyssey (2015). 2016 saw her appearing in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 too. Growing up, Elena was born and raised in New York City but moved to Bridgewater, NJ when she was young – both of her parents are of different ethnic backgrounds – Greek from dad and French-American from mom. Her earlier works include Nickelodeon’s movie Jinxed with Ciara Bravo.