9 Latest Efrat Dor Bikini Pics

Efrat Dor Bikini

Efrat Dor, the multi-talented Israeli movie actress and singer, recently made headlines with her stunning bikini photos. The 30-year-old star shared multiple snaps of herself soaking up some sun in a skimpy white two piece while lounging by the pool. In each photo she looks absolutely radiant, radiating positive energy and beauty like no other. In this article we will be taking a closer look at these amazing images as well as examining why they have garnered so much attention. So let’s dive right in!

Efrat Dor Bikini Pics

About Efrat Dor

Efrat Dor is an Israeli actress who’s been in shows like Greenhouse Academy and Mermaids. She’s also been in Downtown Precinct, playing the role of Alex Yudayov. Earlier on, she had a part in Mesudarim back in 2007. Plus, she was Liron in 11 episodes of Timrot Ashan. Efrat shared a pic with her daughter on Instagram last March 2018 and has even been alongside Jessica Chastain for The Zookeeper’s Wife movie (2017).