9 Hot Sexy Christina Grimmie Bikini Pics

Christina Grimmie Bikini

Pop singer Christina Grimmie is making headlines this week after posting her latest bikini photos on social media. The photographs, which show the singer looking amazing in a white two-piece swimsuit, have been lauded by fans and critics alike. In her post, Grimmie wrote that she was “having fun in the sun” and thanked her fans for their support. This article will explore Christina’s recent bikini photoshoot and talk about why it has attracted so much attention.

Christina Grimmie Bikini Pics

About Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie was an absolute star. She began singing when she was five and playing the piano at age ten. After attending Baptist High School in New Jersey, she blew up online by uploading covers of Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato’s songs to social media. In 2014, she competed on The Voice season six – no small feat! Her EP Find Me hit #2 on iTunes, followed by her debut album With Love at #3. Then, in October 2016, she starred in The Matchbreaker movie. Unfortunately, as we all know, Christina was tragically murdered after a concert in Orlando. Before that happened though, she had opened for Selena Gomez on a few tours – what a journey!