8 Top New Christian Schaffer Bikini Pics

Christian Schaffer Bikini

Photographer Christian Schaffer has done it again! His latest photo shoot of models wearing bikinis on the beach is sure to take your breath away. The sun-soaked images are full of energy and life, making them the perfect summer escape. From the beautiful scenery in Malibu, California to the creative poses of his models, Christian’s work captures a unique moment in time that will make you want to jump in and join them. Witness for yourself how this talented artist brings out the beauty and joy of a day at the beach like no one else can.

Christian Schaffer Bikini Pics

About Christian Schaffer

Christian Schaffer is a travel photographer who’s known for her stunning landscape shots from all over North America, including Utah, Arizona, Oregon, California, and Canada. She has an impressive Instagram following of over 280K people and loves to share her camping and travel photos with them. After graduating with a degree in Business and Spanish from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Christian started working as a manager for Abercrombie & Fitch before she began sharing her photos on Instagram in October 2014. During the 11 months that followed she traveled through 5 continents and 19 countries; sleeping in 21 hostels, 15 hotels, 14 homes (not to mention 2 tents and even a treehouse!). Born in Arkansas but raised in Wisconsin – Christian decided to move to Hawaii for college – now she gets to explore different places around the world! Other popular ‘grammers who document their travels include Mads Nordsveen and Lean Timms.