8 Steamy New Catherine McCormack Bikini Pics

Catherine McCormack Bikini

Catherine McCormack, the gorgeous British movie star best known for her roles in Braveheart and The Edge of Love, is causing a stir with her latest bikini photos. On vacation in Greece, she showed off her toned body and never-ending curves to impress fans around the world. From stylish one-pieces to daring bikinis, we are taking a closer look at the actress’ beach style and the photos that have everyone talking!

Catherine McCormack Bikini Pics

About Catherine McCormack

Catherine McCormack is an English actress, best known for her role as Mel Gibson’s love interest Murron MacClannough in Braveheart. She also starred in a number of British films and theatre productions. As a result of that blockbuster movie, she went on to acting roles in Dangerous Beauty and 28 Weeks Later. However, she said in an interview that it was difficult finding scripts she found interesting. For her role in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, she was even nominated for an Olivier Award (the stage version of the Oscars) for Best Supporting Actress. Born and raised by her widowed father alongside her brother, Catherine had a two-year relationship with Joseph Fiennes at one point too! She also co-starred with Rose Byrne in the film 28 Weeks Later.