6 Hot Sexy New Cassy Athena Bikini Pics

Cassy Athena Bikini

Welcome to the stunning collection of bikini photos captured by the talented photographer, Cassy Athena. Known for her captivating and artistic approach, Cassy Athena has skillfully captured the beauty and allure of her subjects, showcasing their confidence and charisma through her lens. These bikini photos not only exude elegance but also celebrate the spirit of empowerment and self-expression. Immerse yourself in Cassy Athena’s masterful work and discover the artistry and allure of her bikini photography.

Cassy Athena Bikini Pics

About Cassy Athena

Cassy Athena, born on May 13, 1987 in the United States, is a renowned photographer known for her work with the NBA. As a Getty Images photographer, she has amassed over 270,000 Instagram followers by sharing a diverse collection of athlete and celebrity photos. Her work has been featured in prominent publications such as Sports Illustrated, Samsung, Billboard, and Slam Magazine.

With a background entrenched in the sports world from an early age, Athena decided to pursue it as a career. She obtained her BA in Art from Cal State University, Northridge before embarking on her journey as a Visual Effects Coordinator. Eventually transitioning to photography, she captured various NBA teams and individual stars.

Athena gained recognition for creating the Nick Young Meme and is also known for surviving a brain tumor. A Los Angeles native, she was born and raised in California.