9 Hot Carly Lawrence Bikini Pics

Carly Lawrence Bikini

Reality star Carly Lawrence is no stranger to the spotlight. Her recent vacation in Turks and Caicos has been a hit with fans, mostly thanks to her stunning bikini photos that have now gone viral. Now, we take an inside look at what went on during this trip and find out why these pictures had everyone talking! From her wardrobe choices to the fun she was having with friends, it’s no wonder why Carly Lawrence continues to be one of our favorite reality stars.

Carly Lawrence Bikini Pics

About Carly Lawrence

Carly Lawrence is a reality TV star and model, best known for appearing on season two of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. She’s got quite the following on Instagram, with over 1.2 million followers! As a kid she was into competitive dancing, and has plenty of piercings – some done by herself! Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Carly found love (and heartbreak!) on Too Hot to Handle. After dating Joey Joy, she started seeing Bennett Sipes – and starred alongside Aaron Ashmore in the show too.