10 Hot Cameron Goodman Bikini Pics

Cameron Goodman Bikini

Cameron Goodman has been a staple in television for years. She has appeared on shows like NCIS, True Blood, and Hellcats, as well as films such as My Super Psycho Sweet 16. But it’s not only her acting chops that have made her a fan favorite; she’s also known for her stunning good looks and figure. In this photo gallery, we are going to take a look at some of Cameron Goodman’s best bikini photos and discuss why she is considered one of the hottest stars on TV today.

Cameron Goodman Bikini Pics

About Cameron Goodman

Cameron Goodman is an actress best known for her starring role on Disaster Date and her recurring roles in Head Case 90210 and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. She also has a few film credits to her name, such as Friends (With Benefits), Friendship! and An American High School. Before getting into the acting world, she attended Syracuse University and Georgetown University. In 2008, she had a two-episode guest star spot on Sons of Anarchy. Cameron was born in Texas but grew up in Washington D.C., and starred opposite Ryan Carnes in the 2009 miniseries The Phantom.