10 Hot Sexy New Caitlin Carver Bikini Pics

Caitlin Carver Bikini

Caitlin Carver is an emerging Hollywood actress, who has starred in some of the biggest films of recent times. She is known for her incredible beauty and sizzling figure and it’s no wonder that people are obsessed with her bikini photos. In this article and photo gallery, we will be taking a look at Caitlin Carver’s most stunning bikini shots to date! From beach trips to poolside lounging, these pictures reveal just how gorgeous she really is. So get ready to swoon as we explore Caitlin Carver’s hottest swimwear looks!

Caitlin Carver Bikini Pics

About Caitlin Carver

Caitlin Carver is a well-known actress, having starred in the 2015 film Paper Towns as Becca Arrington and having recurring roles on Hit the Floor and The Fosters. From a young age she trained as a dancer, performing with heavy-hitting artists like Beyoncé, Pitbull and Ne-Yo. She even had parts in Parks & Rec! On top of all that, she was born and raised in Monrovia Alabama. Caitlin definitely has an impressive history both onscreen and offstage!