8 Sexy Brittney Palmer Bikini Pics

Brittney Palmer Bikini

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Brittney Palmer Bikini Pics

About Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer, born on June 24, 1987 in Utah, is a well-known model who gained fame as an Octagon Girl for UFC. In addition to her modeling career, she is also recognized for her role as a host and for her talents as an artist, with her artwork being available for purchase on her self-titled online shop.

Prior to achieving recognition in the entertainment industry, Palmer began her career at the age of 18 and made her initial appearance in Ultimate Variety Show.

Despite being primarily self-taught in painting throughout most of her life, she went on to study art at UCLA. Her success extends beyond modeling, having landed covers on reputable magazines such as Maxim, FHM, and Playboy.

While born in Utah, Palmer spent a significant amount of time residing in Las Vegas before eventually relocating to Los Angeles where she settled in the artistic enclave of Venice Beach. In 2014, she tied the knot with Aaron Zalewski.