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Bridgette Wilson Bikini

Bridgette Wilson is a sought-after model known for her captivating beauty and stunning physique. Her bikini photos showcase her effortless allure and grace, captivating audiences around the world. With her striking features and impeccable style, Bridgette Wilson continues to captivate the attention of fashion enthusiasts and admirers alike. Explore her mesmerizing bikini photos to witness a display of elegance and confidence that has made her a renowned figure in the modeling industry.

Bridgette Wilson Bikini Pics

About Bridgette Wilson

Bridgette Wilson, born on September 25, 1973 in Gold Beach, Oregon, is an American model and actress. She gained recognition as a former Miss Teen USA winner and went on to star in successful films during the 1990s, including roles in Mortal Kombat and Billy Madison.

Prior to her acting career taking off, Wilson achieved the title of Miss Teen Oregon before winning the Miss Teen USA competition in 1990.

Aside from her work in film and modeling, Wilson also pursued a brief singing career releasing two albums: I Only Wanna Be with You and Gimme a Kiss.

In 2000 she married tennis player Pete Sampras with whom she has two children.