10 Sexy Brett Butler Bikini Pics

Brett Butler Bikini

Brett Butler has been a force in Hollywood for decades, gracing our screens with her comedic presence and witty one-liners. But did you know that this amazing actress also looks amazing in a bikini? From recent photoshoots to candid beach snaps, Brett Butler’s bikini photos prove that she is still as gorgeous as ever. Join us now as we take an inside look at Brett Butler’s stunning swimwear style!

Brett Butler Bikini Pics

About Brett Butler

Brett Butler had a pretty wild career before she rose to fame by starring in the sitcom Grace Under Fire from 1993 to 1998. She worked as a cocktail waitress for a bit, wrote her memoir titled Knee Deep in Paradise, and did some stand up comedy before she got famous. After GUT, she landed roles in Anger Management and Sealab 2021. On top of that, she was married to Ken Zieger from 1987-1999 and co-starred with Dave Thomas on GUT.