8 Beautiful Bitty Schram Bikini Pics

Bitty Schram Bikini

Bitty Schram is a talented and beloved actress who skyrocketed to fame after her role on the hit show Monk. After playing Sharona Fleming for eight seasons, she has since become an inspiration to many. As such, it’s no surprise that fans of hers want to see some bikini photos from the star! This article and image gallery is dedicated to giving you a glimpse into Bitty Schram’s life during her beach vacation days. Here, you’ll get a selection of stunning photos of her looking amazing in swimwear. So if you’re ready to bask in the glow of Bitty Schram’s beauty, let’s take a look at these wonderful pictures!

Bitty Schram Bikini Pics

About Bitty Schram

Bitty Schram is a total legend in the acting world. She’s best known for her roles in A League of Their Own and Monk, but she’s also had awesome appearances on other shows like Felicity, Kitchen Confidential and Ghost Whisperer. Bitty got her degree in advertising from the University of Maryland (while there on a tennis scholarship!) and has been seen on Broadway too – performing in Neil Simon’s play Laughter on the 23rd Floor during the early 90s. Her birth name was Elizabeth Natalie Schram, but we all know her as Bitty! You might have caught her on the big screen too, with roles in movies like The Pallbearer and Marvins Room.