7 Hot Sexy Bishop Briggs Bikini Pics

Bishop Briggs Bikini

Explore the stunning collection of bikini photos featuring the talented pop singer Bishop Briggs. With her captivating stage presence and powerful vocals, Bishop Briggs has gained widespread acclaim in the music industry. As fans clamor for a glimpse of her personal life, these bikini photos offer a rare and intimate look at the artist’s laid-back and confident style. From beachside escapades to poolside glamour, Bishop Briggs’ bikini photos capture her natural beauty and charisma, making them a must-see for devoted followers and new fans alike.

Bishop Briggs Bikini Pics

About Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs, born on July 18, 1992 in London, England, is an indie-pop singer known for her breakout single “River” in 2016. The song reached number one on Hype Machine’s charts and catapulted her to an opening slot for Coldplay. In 2023, she emerged as the winner of season 9 of FOX’s The Masked Singer.

Before gaining fame in music, Bishop Briggs moved to Tokyo, Japan at the age of four where she had her first public singing experience at a local karaoke bar. Her stage name is derived from Bishopbriggs, Scotland – the birthplace of her parents.

Born Sarah Grace McLaughlin, she welcomed her first child in August 2022.