10 Best After Shave Oils for a Silky Bikini Line

After Shave Oils are incredibly useful when it comes to softening and nourishing skin that has been shaved, waxed, or otherwise treated. They can help prevent itching and reduce razor burn, while also helping to maintain a smooth and hydrated bikini area. With so many types of after shave oils available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one that suits your needs. To make the process easier, we have curated a list of 10 best after shave oils for a silky bikini line.

Bestseller No. 1
Alonzo’s Sensational Shave - Shaving Oil for Women (2 Oz Bottle) All-Natural Pre-Shave & After Shave Oil for Smooth Legs and Soft Bikini Area - Moisturizes & Calms Irritated Skin from Razor Burn
  • ALL-NATURAL OILS: Made exclusively with our proprietary blend of 100% natural seed, kernel and nut oils, which are naturally high in vitamins and minerals, to perfectly lubricate skin and help prevent razor burn and bumps. No preservatives or colorings added.
  • ONE-OF-KIND SHAVE EXPERIENCE: Shave oil allows your razor to glide across your legs or bikini area effortlessly, leaving you with an incredibly close, refreshing shave. Your skin will feel smooth, nourished and hydrated.
  • GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Many women struggle with irritation from traditional shaving creams and gels. Alonzo’s shave oil for women helps stop irritation before it starts with natural ingredients that calm sensitive skin.
  • HOW TO USE: Wet the area that you want to shave, place 3 or 4 drops of oil in the palm of your hand and rub the oil onto the damp area. After you're done shaving, massage the remaining oil into your skin for a smooth, moisturized feel.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so sure that you will love our product that it comes with a 30-day risk-free 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with our product, let us know and you'll receive a full refund.
Bestseller No. 2
Tend Skin Womens AfterShave/Post Waxing Solution for Ingrown Hair, Razor Bumps and Burns, 4 ounce, Blue
  • MADE IN USA - INGROWN HAIR SOLUTION: Applying a thin coat of Tend Skin Solution post shaving
  • FOR EXISTING INGROWN HAIRS: Apply also at night independent of shaving to help clear existing unsightly ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
  • POST WAXING: Apply Tend Skin Solution after the session to minimize the appearance of any redness of the skin.
  • WOMEN'S BEST FRIEND: Applying Tend Skin Solution after shaving will reduce appearance of the noticeable redness that appears on the skin after shaving. This is great for women after shaving legs, bikini lines and underarms as well as for men who see redness after shaving their faces.
  • CRUELTY FREE, No Animal Testing
SaleBestseller No. 3
COOCHY Intimate After Shave Protection Moisturizer Plus By IntiMD: Delicate Soothing Mist For The Pubic Area & Armpits – Antioxidant Formula For Razor Burns, Itchiness & Ingrown Hairs
  • A LUXURY INTIMATE AFTERSHAVE FOR WOMEN: Do your armpits and your pubic area get irritated every time you shave them? The intimate after shave protection moisturizer will soothe the skin of your bikini area and armpits. Every woman needs COOCHY Plus!
  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED: Are you not satisfied with the soothing, and moisturizing properties of our organic aftershave protection mist, then we will give you your money back – no questions asked. The IntiMD offers you a satisfaction guarantee, so this is a 100% risk-free purchase!
  • A SAFE AND HEALTHY FORMULA: The intimate after shave for women is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and alcohol. The antioxidant formula is 100% safe, so you can use it daily! The pH of your skin will be finally balanced and your pubic area and armpits will be healthier than ever!
  • APPLY IT TO YOUR ENTIRE BODY: Think about it! If the COOCHY Plus intimate moisturizer is suitable for your intimate area and your armpits, where the skin is very delicate and sensitive, then it can definitely be applied to the rest of your body! Try it out and see the amazing results for yourself!
  • HRIPT tested by an accredited third-party laboratory to be safe and hypoallergenic for most skin types. Do not use if you have a known hypersensitivity (allergy) to any of the ingredients.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Truly Glazed Donut Shave Oil - Razor Bumps Treatment for Women, After Shave Oil For Women and Ingrown Hair Treatment for Bikini Area. After Shave for Women and Razor Bump Treatment - 3.1 OZ
  • Glazed Donut is a cooling, flash-absorbing daily shave oil that replenishes lost moisture while combating ingrown hair and bumps. Our formula provides instant relief, hydration, and irritation repair in one step!
  • Our shave oil glides on provides a silky smooth shave, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Enriched with essential nutrients from passion fruit, coconut, and vitamin E - known to treat skin sensitivity and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Vegan, Clean, High Performing, Animal Cruelty-Free, Harsh Chemical-Free, Made in USA with global ingredients.
  • How to use: Apply on cleansed, dried skin post-shave to soothe, hydrate, and prevent ingrowns. Swipe across desired area with a saturated cotton pad or apply to palms and pat into skin directly.
  • We promise you'll love everything in your order if not, just let us know and we'll make it right!
SaleBestseller No. 5
Tree Hut bare Moisturizing Shave Oil, Basic, Coconut-Lime, 7.7 Fl Oz
  • Smells like a Caribbean escape with key notes of Palm Leaf, Lime and Coconut
  • Unique gel-to-oil formula provides ample hydration and a smooth glide you can feel during the shaving process and after rinse off
  • Powered by a proprietary technology to prevent irritation, nicks and cuts from shaving by enhancing contact between the razor and skin for a close, smooth shave
  • Perfect for those prone to razor bumps, ingrown hairs or skin irritation from shaving
  • Natural Shea Butter is known to deeply moisturize, nourish and soften dry, skin while helping to promote elasticity
SaleBestseller No. 6
Evagloss Ingrown Hair Treatment Oil Prevents Ingrown Hair Helps with Razor Bumps Hair Removal After Shave Bumps, Soothes Redness and Irritation - Good for Bikini Area, Legs, Underarm 1.7 Fl. oz
  • Use for anywhere on your body skin, where ingrown hairs, razor burn, drying, and other skin irritations occur.
  • Made with natural oil. Let our natural oil give you a natural feeling and natural gloss look.
  • Blends with the most effective plants and natural ingredients in class. Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Green Tea, Sage Oil, Chamomile Oil, Vitamin E.
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free, No Parabens, No Artificial Colors, No Fragrance.
  • Safe and Gentle Oil for All Skin Types.
Bestseller No. 7
Tree Hut Bare Tahitian Vanilla Post Shave Mist, 4.8 fl oz, After Shave Spray, Soothe & Smooth Against Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs, For All Skin Types
  • Smells like a warm, floral reminiscent of Tahitian sunsets with key notes of Toasted Vanilla, Gardenia and Suede
  • The perfect after-shave soother to help whisk away itchiness caused by hair regrowth and redness that can lead to ingrown hairs
  • This unique spray is used directly after the shaving process and in between shaves to help soothe skin with a proprietary blend of Vitamin B5, hydrating Aloe and soothing Oat
  • Perfect for those prone to razor bumps, ingrown hairs or skin irritation from shaving
  • It helps to relieve as it cools leaving you with smoother, comforted skin
Bestseller No. 8
Fur Oil: Ingrown Hair Treatment, Moisturize and Soften Skin While Preventing Ingrown Hairs - 14ml
  • Formulated for your most intimate areas, Fur Oil softens pubic skin and hair to prevent ingrowns.
  • Apply a few drops of Fur Oil to body skin and hair for a softening, smoothing, and soothing effect. For best results, include Fur Oil in your daily routine.
  • Fur does it all; Our signature oil softens cuticles, repairs cracked hands, seals split ends, conditions the scalp, and adds soothing moisture to your bath.
  • Clary Sage and Tea Tree oils prevents ingrowns, clears pores, reduces redness, and encourages bumps to heal. Jojoba and Grapeseed oils hydrate, moisturize, and soften your skin and hair.
  • COMFORT AND CARE FOR ALL SKIN AND HAIR: Whether you wax, shave, or go au naturale, our clean, vegan formulas soften and nourish all skin and hair. Safe for your most intimate areas, Fur smoothes skin, softens hair, and prevents ingrowns.
Bestseller No. 9
Bikini Zone Medicated After Shave Crème - Instantly Stop Shaving Bumps, Irritation & Itchiness - Gentle Formula Cream for Sensitive Areas - Dermatologist Approved & Stain-Free (1 oz)
  • [ Stop Bumps & Soothe Irritation] - Bikini Zone Medicated After Shave Gel stops unwanted bumps redness and irritation that comes from your favorite method of hair removal. This medicated cream goes on like butter, and absorbs instantly. Within 24 hours, you will notice the reduced appearance of bumps, pain, and redness with soothing smoother skin for the brazillian bare aesthetic.
  • [ Instant Relief & Cooling Sensation ] - Bikini Zone Medicated After Shave Gel provides quick relief from any irritation, pain or itching that is associated with shaving, waxing, depilation, razor burn, or laser hair removal. The cooling effect of Menthol immediately soothes any discomfort or pain, which also lets you know the cream is working.
  • [ Stain Free & Safe for Daily Use ] - Once applied evenly, the cream absorbs instantly and is specially formulated to be stain free. You can use it immediately following hair removal with no sting and is fabric and clothing safe. Finally, the solution to help keep your intimate areas irritation free and smooth all year long.
  • [ Dermatologist Approved ] - This gentle, yet effective treatment is dermatologist tested and approved. Like magic, this topical analgesic, cream contains Menthol, which quickly stops bumps and redness, while lidocaine stops pain and irritation that follows hair removal below the bikini line and armpits.
  • [ Easy to Use ] - Recommended for use by those over the age of 12. Safe to apply immediately after hair removal. Apply Bikini Zone Medicated After Shave Gel sparingly onto only dry areas that show irritation or bumps. Repeat as necessary, but no more than 4 times a day.
Bestseller No. 10
Coochy Plus HydroLock MOISTURIZING+ 3-Steps Kit Intimate Shave Gift Set: NOURIA Pre-Shave Elixir Oil + Coochy Plus Shave Cream The Origin + NOURIA After Shave Protection Mist Fragrance Free
  • NOURIA Pre-Shave Elixir Oil contains HydroLock, meticulously formulated with concerted mix of 12 botanical and organic essence and extracts that are rich in deep-hydrating and long-lasting moisturization properties. It further fortifies your intimate skin for maximum moisture retention and prevents moisture loss. Nourishing areas normally forgotten or unnoticed. It reduces ingrown hair, razor burn, razor bump, itchiness and other irritations commonly associated with shaving.
  • COOCHY PLUS Intimate Shave Cream is formulated with 5 powerful moisturizing, and vitamins-rich agents that dramatically improves your intimate shaving experience; Jojoba Oil / Avocado Oil / Aloe Vera / Shea Butter / Maca Root. It’s formulated for the most intimate areas of the body, for safely used on any other parts of the body. Helps soften the most coarse body hair, such as pubic hair or underarm hair. MOISTURIZING+ agents form an invisible shield on your skin to deliver a closer shave.
  • NOURIA After Shave Moisturizing Protection Mist is formulated with a consonance of highly effective botanical and organic extracts and marries them with real-world proven technology of NanoPlex and HydroLock, developed by IntiMD. Apply after shaving or waxing, the protection moisturizer forms an invisible shield on your sensitive skin to boost nourishment, rejuvenation and continuous protection. For your intimate area, arm, underarm, leg, or any other area.
  • Trusted for over 30+ years. Lab tested and time proven. COOCHY PLUS & NOURIA by IntiMD are HRIPT & Dermatologist Tested to be safe for all skin types. pH balanced for intimate use. Proudly Made in USA.
  • NOURIA Pre-Shave Elixir Oil 1fl oz, COOCHY PLUS Intimate Shave Cream 8.5 fl oz, NOURIA After Shave Protection Moisturizing Mist 4 fl oz. are packed in a black gift box. The perfect shaving solution kit for you and/or anyone in your life. Unisex.


Aftershave oils are usually a combination of natural oils and essential oils. These oils can replenish the skin and reduce irritation in areas that were previously waxed or shaved. Aftershave oils are usually less expensive than their counterparts, such as moisturizers, and they don’t leave a greasy film.

Most after shave oil formulas provide quick relief and temporary hydration for delicate skin. They also protect the skin from harsh and potentially irritating chemicals, compared to aftershave balms and lotions.

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How to Choose the Best

Choosing the best after shave oil can be a daunting task. The first step is to decide what you want from an after shave oil. If you’re looking for an intense moisturizer, then you should look for oils that contain nourishing ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil. If you’re looking for more oil control, then you should look for formulas that contain more lightweight ingredients like jojoba oil.

It’s also important to choose an oil that is formulated for your skin type. For example, dry skin may benefit from a heavier formula, while oily skin may require a lighter option. Additionally, make sure to read the ingredients list to ensure that there are no fragrances or other chemicals that may irritate your skin.


When it comes to aftershave oils, you want to choose a formula that soothes and nourishes your skin without causing irritation. Look for an oil that contains hydrating ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, and jojoba oil to replenish your skin. Additionally, make sure to look for oils that are free of fragrances or other potentially irritating ingredients.

Another important feature to consider is the texture of the oil. Some oils may be too heavy for some skin types, while others may be too light. You should also consider how long the oil will last, as some formulas need to be reapplied more often than others.


In general, there are two main types of after shave oil: natural and synthetic. Natural after shave oils are made from plant-based ingredients, while synthetic ones are made with chemical ingredients. Both types of after shave oil can be beneficial, depending on your skin type and needs. However, make sure to read the ingredients list to ensure that there are no potentially irritating ingredients.

In addition to natural and synthetic oils, there are also specialty after shave oils available. These oils can be more expensive, but they may have unique benefits, such as increased hydration or more intense healing effects. Additionally, specialty oils are often aromatherapy-based and may contain essential oils.


One of the main benefits of using an after shave oil is that it can reduce the risk of razor burn or skin irritation. When using a shave oil, you’ll also receive hydration that can help reduce the redness and irritation that can accompany post-shaving. This can be especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin.

Additionally, after shave oils can help to nourish the skin and provide moisture. This can help to prevent a dry and itchy bikini area and leave the skin feeling silky smooth. Aftershave oils may also offer anti-inflammatory benefits, which can be useful for those who have waxed areas or other sensitivities.


To maintain the effects of your after shave oil, store it in a cool, dark place. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and extreme changes in temperature, as these can all damage the oil’s formulation. Make sure to also keep the bottle tightly sealed when not in use, to prevent the oil from becoming contaminated.

When using the oil, make sure to shake it well before application. Additionally, it’s important to read the instructions carefully, as some oils may need to be applied more often than others.


Q: How often should I use after shave oil?

A: This can vary depending on your needs, but generally it’s best to use the oil immediately after shaving or waxing. Additionally, you may want to apply it once per day to maintain a smooth and hydrated appearance.

Q: Can after shave oils be used on other parts of the body?

A: Yes, after shave oils can be used on other parts of the body, such as the face, neck, and legs. However, make sure to read the instructions and test on a small patch of skin beforehand, as some oils may cause irritation on certain skin types.


After shave oils can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to softening and hydrating skin that has been shaved or waxed. They provide quick relief from irritation and can help to maintain a smooth, silky bikini area. When shopping for an aftershave oil, make sure to read the ingredients list and opt for a formula that is appropriate for your skin type. Additionally, it can be helpful to research and compare different brands, as some may offer additional benefits. Overall, aftershave oils can be a great addition to your body care routine.