9 Hot Beverly Washburn Bikini Pics

Beverly Washburn Bikini

Beverly Washburn is an American actress who has been featured in many classic films and television shows. From her early days on “Lassie” to more recent roles in “The Grinder,” she has become a beloved Hollywood icon. Now, we take a closer look at the starlet with this image gallery featuring some of her hottest bikini photos! Here you’ll get an inside look at Beverly Washburn’s stunning physique and glamorous style as she poses for the camera in various bikinis from over the years. We hope you enjoy these sizzling images of one of Hollywood’s most storied stars!

Beverly Washburn Bikini Pics

About Beverly Washburn

Beverly Washburn had an impressive acting career, starring as a young girl in the NBC series The Loretta Young Show and an older teenager in CBS’s The New Loretta Young Show. People also remember her for playing Walda Kowalski in 1950’s The Killer That Stalked New York. Later on, she wrote a book about her life called Reel Tears: The Beverly Washburn Story, and co-starred with Ed Asner in 2007’s Hard Four. Her niece is actress Darlene Tompkins, while her brother George was also an actor and stuntman.