10 Sexy Beth Triffon Bikini Pics

Beth Triffon Bikini

Welcome to our exclusive look at the gorgeous TV actress Beth Triffon’s bikini photos! This article and image gallery feature a stunning collection of swimwear looks from this talented actress. From red carpet events to beach vacations, we have compiled some of Beth’s best shots in bikinis for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy this peek into the stylish world of Beth Triffon!

Beth Triffon Bikini Pics

About Beth Triffon

Beth Triffon is best known for her roles in The Goldbergs, Standup and Away! with Brian Regan, and Ten Days in the Valley. She’s also a talented writer, having written 13 episodes of The F-List. Her acting debut was in Asylum back in 2010. Her work on The Goldbergs even earned them a CinEuphoria Award! On top of this, Beth won ABC Discovers: Digital Talent Competition in 2016. To promote her career even more, she has an active Instagram page that now boasts over 4000 followers. Just recently on November 30th she shared a sweet photo of her dad on there too! Not only that but she also stars opposite Jeff Garlin on The Goldbergs – it’s no wonder why she’s doing so well!