10 Hot Sexy Beth Stern Bikini Pics

Beth Stern Bikini

Beth Stern is a stunning model known for her captivating beauty and flawless physique. Her bikini photos exude confidence and grace, showcasing her impeccable sense of style and undeniable charm. As a highly sought-after fashion model, Beth’s inspiring photos have garnered widespread attention and admiration from fans and followers around the world. Whether she’s lounging on a tropical beach or striking a pose by the pool, Beth’s bikini photos are a true testament to her enduring allure and timeless elegance. Get ready to be mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty and effortless glamour of this talented and charismatic model.

Beth Stern Bikini Pics

About Beth Stern

Beth Stern, born on July 15th, 1972 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a well-known fashion model and animal rescue advocate. She gained prominence for her marriage to radio personality Howard Stern and also appeared in the 2000 film Whipped.

Before pursuing her career in modeling, she studied English Literature at the University of Pittsburgh and was a member of the Tri-Delt sorority.

In addition to her modeling work, Beth has been featured on multiple covers of FHM magazine. In October 2008, she married Howard Stern.