8 Sexiest Beth Riesgraf Bikini Pics

Beth Riesgraf Bikini

Beth Riesgraf is an American actress best known for her roles in television series such as Leverage and Alias. She has become a fan favorite for her beauty, talent and down-to-earth attitude. To give fans a closer look into the life of Beth Riesgraf, we have put together an image gallery showcasing some of the hottest bikini pictures of this beautiful star. From sunning on the beach to lounging poolside, this gallery offers up some sizzling looks at Beth Riesgraf in all her stunning glory!

Beth Riesgraf Bikini Pics

About Beth Riesgraf

Beth Riesgraf is best known for her role as Parker on TNT’s Leverage, but she also had guest roles in Without a Trace, NCIS and My Name is Earl. Back in high school, Beth was prom queen and class president. She dated Jason Lee from 2001-2007 and they have a son named Pilot Inspektor Lee. Since 2009, Beth has been dating actor Alan Smyth and appeared alongside Timothy Hutton on Leverage.