9 Hottest New Beth Phoenix Bikini Pics

Beth Phoenix Bikini

Beth Phoenix is one of the most beloved wrestlers in history. She has captured multiple championships and has been a mainstay on WWE’s roster for more than a decade. But when Beth isn’t tearing it up in the ring, she can be seen enjoying some downtime, often soaking up the sun on her off days. Now, fans can get a glimpse of Beth Phoenix at her best with this exclusive gallery featuring never-before-seen photos of the legendary wrestler posing in bikinis! From beach shots to poolside photoshoots, this collection is sure to dazzle any wrestling fan looking for an inside look at one of their favorite superstars.

Beth Phoenix Bikini Pics

About Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix is a famous wrestler in the WWE, known for her impressive three-time Womens Champion and one-time Divas Championship titles. Before she was an international star, she courageously broke boundaries as the first female varsity wrestler at her high school in New York. Her success earned her the honor of being named Diva of the Year back in 2008. In October 2016, Beth married fellow WWE superstar Edge and together they have two daughters – Lyric and Ruby. She also had a memorable feud with Mickie James on Raw in 2006.