8 Sexiest New Bess Armstrong Bikini Pics

Bess Armstrong Bikini

The iconic TV actress Bess Armstrong is a true Hollywood star! She has starred in films and shows such as The Four Seasons, My So-Called Life, High Road to China and Jaws 3D. Armstrong has also been featured on the covers of various magazines and publications over the years. Here we bring you an amazing image gallery that highlights some of her best bikini moments. From stunning beach shots to candid poolside poses, get ready to explore the beauty of this talented actress!

Bess Armstrong Bikini Pics

About Bess Armstrong

Bess Armstrong made a name for herself playing the role of Patty Chase on My So-Called Life back in the 90s. She had an impressive educational background, with degrees from Bryn Mawr School for Girls and Brown University in Latin and Theatre. Her acting career started off with a bang when she appeared in the Off-Broadway play Harmony House in 1975. She was previously married to Chris Carreras before tying the knot with John Fiedler; they have three children together. If you’re looking for some classic Bess Armstrong, check out her appearance in High Road to China alongside Tom Selleck – it’s definitely worth a watch!