9 Beautiful Barbara Rhoades Bikini Pics

Barbara Rhoades Bikini

Welcome to our exclusive gallery of Barbara Rhoades bikini photos! This talented actress has been in a variety of films and television shows for nearly four decades, but her most iconic looks have come from her beach scenes. It’s no wonder why she was the envy of so many women during her heyday! We have compiled some stunning shots from Barbara Rhoades’ time on the silver screen, as well as some recent appearances that show off her ageless beauty. Join us as we explore the timeless beauty and charm of this legendary movie star!

Barbara Rhoades Bikini Pics

About Barbara Rhoades

Barbara Rhoades was a comedy actress best known for her roles as Bad Penny Cushings in The Shakiest Gun in the West and Maggie Chandler in Soap. She made her TV acting debut on The Virginian, then had a recurring role as Irene Manning on One Life to Live in 2001. Originally from Poughkeepsie New York, Barbara was also featured alongside Don Knotts playing her milquetoast husband in The Shakiest Gun in the West.