9 Sensual Barbara Dunkelman Bikini Pics

Barbara Dunkelman Bikini

Barbara Dunkelman is an international YouTube star and voice actress, best known for her roles in Rooster Teeth’s popular series Red vs. Blue and Rwby. She has garnered quite a fanbase due to her stunning good looks and bubbly personality. In this article, we will take an exclusive look at some of Barbara’s hottest bikini photos that have made waves on the internet. From poolside poses to beach getaways, these are some of the most jaw-dropping shots of Barbara in swimwear that you won’t want to miss!

Barbara Dunkelman Bikini Pics

About Barbara Dunkelman

Barbara Dunkelman is a Canadian voice actress known for her role as Yang in the YouTube series RWBY. She’s also lent her voice to a bunch of other Rooster Teeth web series and runs her own vlog, Barbara Dunkelman, on beauty and fashion content. Barbara signed up on Rooster Teeth Productions back in 2004 and was a hostess of WatchMojo.com during 2010. She has a degree in marketing from Concordia University, plus she grew up with family in Montreal, Quebec. Her younger brother still lives there too! She’s been dating Trevor Collins for quite some time now, and has starred alongside Lindsay Jones in RWBY.