9 Hot Banana Bikini Pics

Banana Bikini

Welcome to our photo gallery showcasing the Instagram star banana bikini sensation! As you’ll see, there are many different types of banana bikinis out there. From vibrant colors to fun prints, these swimsuits have taken the internet by storm and become an Instagram favorite. We’ve collected some of the most stunning pictures from Instagram users who have posted their version of a banana bikini look. Get ready to be inspired by this unique fashion trend and explore all the wonderful ways these daring outfits can be worn!

Banana Bikini Pics

About Banana

Lee Sang Bi, better known as Banana, is a South Korean model renowned for her unique appearance and facial features. She’s made appearances in music videos by artists such as MASC and Elo Rose and has become quite the sensation on Instagram with over 240K followers! Her TikTok channel, bba_na_na, has fans watching her perform lip syncs and dance sets to popular songs. She often uses creative edits in her performances or even gets friends involved for some collaborative dancing fun! People all around the world are loving this South Korean model – won’t you join them?