8 Sexiest Avalon Nadfalusi Bikini Pics

Avalon Nadfalusi Bikini

Avalon Nadfalusi is a rising Instagram star and bikini model who’s taking the social media world by storm. With her stunning beauty, she has gained a massive following of over 545,000 fans on Instagram alone. Her picturesque bikini shots have quickly become an online sensation and we’ve put together an amazing collection of some of Avalon’s best beach looks. Whether you’re looking for some summer fashion inspiration or just want to ogle at her gorgeous physique, this image gallery has it all.

Avalon Nadfalusi Bikini Pics

About Avalon Nadfalusi

Avalon Nadfalusi is a model who’s become really popular on Instagram. She posts some pretty hot pics of her in bikinis, and she’s represented by the Zooz Group and Apex Agency. Avalon kickstarted her Insta career back in 2015 when she was just 14, and since then has gained over 300k followers (before it got deleted). She started up a new one called _avalonnadfalusi in October 2019. You might remember that Avalon used to date Tanner Fox too! Other Aussie bikini models you should check out include Maly Phommaly.