10 Sexiest Ashley Gerasimovich Bikini Pics

Ashley Gerasimovich Bikini

Welcome to our article and photo gallery about Ashley Gerasimovich, the talented movie actress best known for her roles in movies like The Rebound, We Bought a Zoo, and Homeland. In this special feature we will be exploring some of the best photos available of Ashley in a bikini! Get ready to see her incredible curves while enjoying some fun facts you may not have known about her. With her beautiful face and stunning figure it’s no surprise that fans are drawn to Ashley’s sexy look when she takes on these photoshoots. From red carpets to beachside escapes, prepare to be wowed by this gorgeous starlet!

Ashley Gerasimovich Bikini Pics

About Ashley Gerasimovich

Ashley Gerasimovich is an actress who starred in We Need to Talk About Kevin and had a few guest appearances on FX’s Louie. Growing up in New York, her acting career began with an episode of Mercy back in 2009. She even got the chance to work alongside Tina Fey on an episode of 30 Rock! Generous Ashley donated over 40 toys to Rocky Stone charity in 2010, and she has a famous older sister – Alexa Gerasimovich – also in the entertainment biz.