7 Sexy New Antje Utgaard Bikini Pics

Antje Utgaard Bikini

Welcome to our Antje Utgaard Bikini Photo Gallery! In this collection, we have gathered the sexiest and most beautiful pictures of model and influencer Antje Utgaard in her swimsuits. From sun-kissed beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to the white sand shores of Barbados, join us for an exclusive look at some of her finest bikini moments. Get ready to be inspired by her stunning curves and confident style!

Antje Utgaard Bikini Pics

About Antje Utgaard

Antje Utgaard is a Scandinavian-American model who’s been seen in calendars, magazines and does lots of promotional work. She’s got over two million followers on Instagram! Before she became a model, she trained with the Radio City Rockettes on Broadway for a summer and then danced at the University of Minnesota for a brief time where she was studying fashion merchandising/design with marketing as her minor. When living in Minnesota, Antje worked as both sales representative and bartender. A Wisconsin native, she moved to Minneapolis in 2014 before finally settling down in Los Angeles. Recently, she paid homage to Kate Upton’s Esquire photo shoot by posting some pics up on her Instagram profile.