5 Stunning New Annie Potts Bikini Pics

Annie Potts Bikini

Welcome to our article and image gallery all about the stunning movie actress Annie Potts. We’ve compiled some of her best bikini photos from over the years, giving you a chance to appreciate just how gorgeous she is. From her roles in Ghostbusters, Toy Story, Designing Women and more—Annie Potts has long been renowned as a talented starlet with beauty to match. Her fans are sure to enjoy these never before seen pictures that capture her youthful vibrancy and timeless grace! So sit back, relax and enjoy this collection of Annie Potts in all her glory!

Annie Potts Bikini Pics

About Annie Potts

Annie Potts is best known for her roles in the comedy films Ghostbusters and Jumpin Jack Flash, as well as her voice work as Bo Peep in the Toy Story franchise. She’s also been on TV shows like The Fosters, Young Sheldon and Any Day Now, which earned her an Emmy nomination for playing Dana Palladino in Love & War. After studying theatre arts at Stephens College in Missouri, she married her fourth husband James Hayman in 1990 and they have two sons together – James and Harry. In 1986, she co-starred with Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, and has another son called Clay from a previous marriage to Scott Senechal.