9 Sexy New Anna Pavaga Bikini Pics

Anna Pavaga Bikini

Welcome to an article and image gallery about Instagram Star Anna Pavaga’s stunning bikini photos! Anna Pavaga is a Russian-born model and actress who has become an online sensation thanks to her sultry beach body shots and fashion modeling. She boasts over 4 million followers on Instagram, making her one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world. In this collection, we’ll take a look at some of her best bikini moments that have made fans go wild! From sexy swimwear photoshoots to candid poolside snaps, here are some of Anna Pavaga’s most beautiful bikini pics.

Anna Pavaga Bikini Pics

About Anna Pavaga

Anna Pavaga is a Russian child model who has made quite the name for herself, having earned over 900000 followers on Instagram. She’s done photo shoots for some big brands like Pulka and Vogue and she even strutted her stuff at Aurora Fashion Week in 2015! On her Insta page (annapavaga), Anna shares snaps of her and her furry friend – an adorable pooch – plus pics from photoshoots. Her older brother Michael is also often featured on there. Like fellow model Vlada Roslyakova, Anna’s been seen in Vogue too!