9 New Anjali Ranadive Bikini Pics

Anjali Ranadive Bikini

Anjali Ranadive is a popular Indian pop-singer and an acclaimed entertainer. She has been making headlines in the music industry thanks to her chart-topping singles, mesmerizing stage acts, and sultry style. With her distinct fashion sense and perfect figure, Anjali Ranadive has become an inspiration for many aspiring singers out there. In this article and image gallery we take a look at some of the hottest bikini photos of Anjali Ranadive that have made waves on social media in 2019. Here you will get to see some breathtaking pictures from her beach holidays as well as behind-the-scenes images from her Bollywood shoots. So don’t miss out!

Anjali Ranadive Bikini Pics

About Anjali Ranadive

Anjali Ranadive is a California-based pop singer and songwriter making waves with her R&B-infused music. She’s been collaborating with some of your favorite stars like Tyga, Casey Veggies, and Adrian Marcel on hits like ‘We Turn Up’, ‘Loveless’, and ‘More Time on You’. After obtaining her degree in Marine Science from UC Berkeley in 2013, Anjali decided to take her shot at becoming a professional musician – and it paid off! Her first single was released in April 2014, and she even sang the national anthem when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Madison Square Garden. If you want to know where she gets her musical inspiration from – look no further than her dad Vivek Ranadive who’s the founder of TIBCO Software Inc., as well as part owner of the Sacramento Kings. Most recently Anjali dropped a banger with French Montana called We Turn Up.