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Anjali Ranadive Bikini

Anjali Ranadive, also known as Anjali World, is a multi-talented pop singer, songwriter, and philanthropist with a growing presence in the music industry. Her captivating voice and magnetic stage presence have garnered her a dedicated fan base around the world. In addition to her musical accomplishments, Anjali is also known for her stunning bikini photos that showcase her confidence and beauty. As a rising star in the entertainment industry, Anjali’s bikini photos not only capture her radiant spirit but also reflect her status as a fashion icon. Explore the allure of Anjali Ranadive’s bikini photos and experience the undeniable charisma of this dynamic performer.

Anjali Ranadive Bikini Pics

About Anjali Ranadive

Anjali Ranadive, born on September 15, 1992, in San Francisco, California, is an American pop singer and songwriter.

Ranadive’s music is known for its R&B influences and her collaborations with artists such as Tyga, Casey Veggies, and Adrian Marcel. Her popular songs include “We Turn Up”, “Loveless”, and “More Time on You”.

Before pursuing a career in music, she attended UC Berkeley where she earned a degree in Marine Science in 2013. After graduating, she released her first single “We Turn Up” in April of 2014.

Ranadive also gained attention for singing the national anthem at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally at Madison Square Garden.

She was born and raised in San Francisco to Vivek Ranadive who is the founder and CEO of TIBCO as well as a partial owner of the Sacramento Kings.