7 Hot Angeline Appel Bikini Pics

Angeline Appel Bikini

Welcome to a photo gallery of TV actress Angeline Appel in her signature bikini! As the star of several hit television shows, Angeline has become a household name. She’s been on the Hollywood scene for years, and is known for her sultry beauty and photogenic face. In this gallery, we will explore some of our favorite photos that show off her natural beauty as well as her stunning figure. We hope you enjoy these images as much as we do!

Angeline Appel Bikini Pics

About Angeline Appel

Actress Angeline Appel is probably best known for her work on shows like Shameless and Happyland. She made a real impression in 2015 when she starred as Rachel in Babysitters Black Book. She graduated from the New World School of the Arts back in 2011, and has since gone on to co-star with Louis Mandylor and Ashley Scott in Statute of Limitations. Born Angeline Fioridella Appel in Miami FL, she first started acting way back in 2012 when she was cast alongside Cleopatra Coleman and Ryan Guzman in Step Up Revolution. Since then, Angeline has had relationships with both Noah Centineo (since 2016) and Peyton Meyer (from 2018).