9 Latest Amanda Righetti Bikini Pics

Amanda Righetti Bikini

Amanda Righetti is a popular American actress who has won the hearts of many with her beautiful looks, charming personality, and talent. As one of the most attractive celebrities in Hollywood, she never fails to look amazing in any outfit and is always happy to show off her figure on social media and at red carpet events. Here we take a look at some of Amanda Righetti’s best bikini photos that showcase her toned body and flawless skin.

Amanda Righetti Bikini Pics

About Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti is an American actress best known for her role on The Mentalist. She also had a part in the hit show The O.C. and was seen in Friday the 13th as well. Before becoming an actress, she worked as a model which helped launch her career into stardom. In 2005, she even made FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World list at number fifty-nine! She married Jordan Alan back in 2006 and has since welcomed their son Knox into the world. Most recently, you may have caught Amanda alongside Jared Padalecki in Friday the 13th!