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Aliya Mustafina Bikini

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Aliya Mustafina Bikini Pics

About Aliya Mustafina

Aliya Mustafina, born on September 30, 1994 in Yegoryevsk, Russia, is a renowned Russian Olympic gymnast known for her remarkable achievements. She has excelled in the sport by securing gold medals in the uneven bars event at both the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. Additionally, she has clinched two silver medals and three bronze medals across various gymnastics events at the Olympics.

Mustafina’s journey to success began when she started her international gymnastics career at the age of 13. Notably, she attained four medals during the 2012 Olympics which solidified her status as one of that year’s most decorated gymnasts.

Moving beyond her professional accomplishments, Mustafina also comes from a family with ties to gymnastics – her sister Nailya had previously competed on Russia’s junior national team.

In terms of personal life, Mustafina married Alexey Zaitsev in 2016; they welcomed their daughter Alisa into the world in June 2017 before eventually parting ways and finalizing their divorce in 2018.<