9 Sexy New Alison Krauss Bikini Pics

Alison Krauss Bikini

Country music fans were taken by surprise this week when Alison Krauss posted a series of stunning bikini photos on her Instagram account. The pictures show the beloved singer and songwriter looking absolutely radiant in a high-waisted pink two-piece swimsuit as she relaxes on a beach during a recent getaway. Her sultry look and captivating smile have sparked widespread interest in the country music star, prompting many to put together an image gallery of Alison Krauss’s best bikini moments.

Alison Krauss Bikini Pics

About Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss is a hugely successful American singer, fiddler and Grammy award winning artist. She’s most well known for songs like ‘Down to the River to Pray’ and ‘When You Say Nothing at All’. Incredible as it seems, she was only twelve when she started performing in the band Silver Rail. But even then her musical talent shone through – at just thirteen she won the Walnut Valley Festival Fiddle Championship! Since then her career has continued on an upward trajectory; with over 25 Grammy awards and 40 nominations so far. Away from music, Alison was married to Pat Bergeson from 1997-2001 (they had one son together) and she made history alongside LeAnn Rymes by becoming two of the youngest artists ever to win a Grammy Award!