9 Sexy Alison Doody Bikini Pics

Alison Doody Bikini

Alison Doody is an Irish actress and model best known for her roles in the James Bond film “A View To A Kill”, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade and the American action-comedy movie “Major League II.” Over the years she has graced our screens with her stunning looks, but Alison truly stands out when she dons a bikini. Here we take a look at some of Alison’s hottest bikini moments over the years, from glamorous photoshoots to holiday snaps – you won’t be disappointed!

Alison Doody Bikini Pics

About Alison Doody

Alison Doody is best known for being the beautiful villainess in two classic films: 1985’s A View to a Kill and 1989’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. She started her career as a model, which gained her recognition from the casting director of A View to a Kill. In addition to film work, she had guest appearances on The Clinic and was even chosen as the face of LOreal cosmetics. Alison comes from an entrepreneurial family—her mum was a beautician and dad ran his own small business. She was married to Gavin OReilly until 2006 with whom she has two children, Alanna and Lauren. After that, Alison had an engagement with Tadhg Geary from 2014-2015 before taking over Cybil Shepherd as the spokeswoman for LOreal.