10 Sexy Alice Braga Bikini Pics

Alice Braga Bikini

Alice Braga, the Brazilian actress and model, never fails to impress with her stunning beauty. From her roles in action films such as I Am Legend and Predators to appearing on the cover of magazines like GQ Italia, she always looks amazing. Now we take a look back at some of her best bikini moments captured over the years. Enjoy this gallery of Alice Braga in various swimsuits, looking fabulous and showing off her amazing physique.

Alice Braga Bikini Pics

About Alice Braga

Brazilian actress Alice Braga has skyrocketed to fame for playing Angelica in City of God. Since then, she’s starred in Hollywood blockbusters like I Am Legend, Elysium and Repo Men. Most recently, you can catch her as Teresa Mendoza on the TV series Queen of the South (based on La Reina del Sur with Kate del Castillo). She got her start at a young age – 8 years old – by starring in a yogurt commercial! Other memorable roles include Predators, The Rite and Blindness. Her mother Ana Braga and aunt Sonia Braga are both actresses too!