10 Hot Sexy New Alexis Sharkey Bikini Pics

Alexis Sharkey Bikini

Alexis Sharkey, an influencer and model known for her stunning looks, recently posted a series of bikini photos on Instagram that left fans in awe. The sleek black swimsuit showed off her toned physique and highlighted her curves. While posing in the poolside oasis, Alexi’s beauty was undeniable as she enjoyed some much-needed rest and relaxation. Her captivating poses further proved why Alexis has become one of the hottest models on social media. Here is an image gallery featuring the best shots from Alexis Sharkey’s recent bikini photoshoot.

Alexis Sharkey Bikini Pics

About Alexis Sharkey

Alexis Sharkey was a popular social media star whose life coaching and mentorship earned her over 70,000 followers on Instagram. She hailed from Pennsylvania and studied biology education at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. In November of 2020, her death by homicide made headlines in New York Post, Fox News and Daily Mail. Alexis had been working for beauty company Monat before her sudden passing. Her husband’s name was Tom, while her mother’s name is Stacey. Her Instagram page featured many videos, including one with her friends popping champagne to a Missy Elliott song.