9 Sexy Alexis Rose Bikini Pics

Alexis Rose Bikini

Alexis Rose, star of the hit show Schitt’s Creek, has been making waves on social media with her stunning bikini photos. The actress has been sharing a series of beautiful beach shots on Instagram, showcasing her toned physique and sultry style. From classic one-pieces to modern two-piece sets, fans have gotten an inside look at Alexis’ summer wardrobe – and they’re loving it! Take a look at some of her best bikini looks so far in this photo gallery.

Alexis Rose Bikini Pics

About Alexis Rose

Alexis Rose is blowing up on social media for her awesome dance and cheerleading videos. She’s got over 280000 followers on Instagram and 490000 likes on TikTok! Her most popular video so far was the March 3 2021 snap challenge, but she also posts lots of fun lip-sync skits with friends and even danced with her mom once! In May 2022, Alexis had surgery on her meniscus which she documented in a series of TikTok vids. Plus, she even teamed up with Gavin Magnus in February 2021 for a one-off collab – how cool?!