24 Most Powerful and Emotional Pictures Ever Taken

During the history, world encountered different times and events. Here are 24 of the most powerful and emotional pictures ever taken.

01. Grief

Robert Peraza kneels down at his son’s name at the North Pool of the 9/11 Memorial.

02. “Get up, daddy!”

Little kid tries to get up his alcoholic father in Guangzhou, China.

03. Help the Koala

Rescue worker offers water to a Koala bear after devastating fires across Australia in 2011.

04. Solidarity

Rescue workers and volunteers gathered to help survivals after the collapse of the 8-story building, “Savar” in Bangladesh.

05. At least, hope.

Man holds hand of a little boy in Sudan.

06. Solitary Walker

Boy walks to school through terraced rice paddy fields in China.

07. “We Are Not Done Cleaning”

This sign was left behind by a family whose home was completely destroyed by an EF5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

08. Crying Soldier

US soldier, Ken Kozakiewicz, cries after learning that in the body bag at his feet is the body of his friend, Andy Alaniz. This photo won the World Press Photo award.

09. D-Day

Troops disembark on the coast of Normandy, France in June of 1944.

10. Man’s best friend
Man and dog meet following a massive tornado in Alabama.

11. Man’s best friend – Part 2
Japanese man cries when he finds his lost dog following the 2011 Tsunami.

12. Earthrise
Earth, pictured from the surface of the moon

13. Eyes of hope and hunger!

Indian men line-up for a free meal on the occasion of Id-Ul-Fitr near Jama Mazjid, New Delhi.

14. Freedom Leap

Man jumps over a wall of burning tires, during protests against government corruption in Brazil.

15. Berlin fall
Soviet flag waved by a Russian soldier over the ruins of Berlin.

16. Flower Power

Young woman places a flower in the barrel of a gun.

17. “Wait For Me, Daddy”

This little boy races after his father as he sets off for the war in 1940, the boy’s father died during the war unfortunately.

18. Till Death Do Us Part

Graves of a Catholic man and his Protestant wife after the Protestant-Catholic cemeteries were separated by a wall.

19. Sound for first time

This little boy hears sound for the first time after getting cochlear implants, being deaf from birth.

20. Auschwitz Walls

Walls scratched by prisoners in gas chambers at Auschwitz.

21. Time passing

Russian WWII veteran breaks down after he recognized the tank he fought in during the war.

22. Music and War
This picture was taken in Chechnya showing a Russian soldier playing piano on a devastated land

23. Syrian crisis

Little girls filling water containers in Syrian refugee camp.

24. Tank man

Chinese man confronts a column of tanks in Tianamen Square.

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