Top 10 Hottest Olympic Women at Sochi

Winter Olympic Games taking place at Sochi, Russia, are a good reason to make a top ten of the hottest women out there, isn’t that right?

10. Therese Johaug of Norway (Cross-Country Skiing):
Therese Johaug of Norway1
Therese Johaug of Norway2

9. Anna Sidorova of Russia (Curling):
Anna Sidorova1
Anna Sidorova2

8. Sarah Hendrickson of USA (Ski Jumping):
Sarah Hendrickson1
Sarah Hendrickson2

7. Allison Baver of USA (Speed Skating):
Allison Baver1
Allison Baver2

6. Alissa Czisny of USA (Figure Skating):
Alissa Czisny1
Alissa Czisny2

5. Tanith Belbin of USA (Ice Dancing):
Tanith Belbin1
Tanith Belbin2

4. Clair Bidez of USA (Snowboarding):
Clair Bidez1
Clair Bidez2

3. Tina Maze of Slovenia (Skiing):
Tina Maze1
Tina Maze2

2. Linn Haug of USA (Snowboarding):
Linn Haug1
Linn Haug2

1. Kiira Korpi of Finland (Figure Skater):
Kiira Korpi1
Kiira Korpi2

Source: FamousMisfortune